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Soft-washing houses is really the only way to do the job properly. Applying high pressure to a home is the wrong way to do the job, because it forces water in behind the vinyl, hardy board, ceder, or other types of siding you might have. Once water has gotten behind the siding you have, it cant get the air it needs to evaporate quickly, this causes rot and possibly black mold to form behind the siding where you cant see it. By using our soft-wash method we are able to clean any biological algae, mold, or mildew that may be on your home with a very low amount of pressure (equivalent to a water hose). Remember: high pressure only forces algae off you siding. the roots are still there, and will come back faster. soft-washing is done with chemicals and kills the algae and roots that are deep in the siding that you have.

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All Kleen Softwash Systems

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